S3, Ep17: A Not So Quiet Place

Blockbusters are back and John Krasinski waited patiently to unveil A Quiet Place Part II for when theaters returned. Hayley and Kayli braved the close confinements of the movies to bring you their review of this long awaited sequel. Tune in to find out how they felt the second part compared to the first and how they viewed the expanded apocalyptical world where making any noise is life or death.

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S3, Ep16: Anna, Get Your Ass Out the Window!

I’m sure you have heard of Peeping Tom but I would like to introduce you to his female counterpart: Peeping Anna. This week Hayley And Kayli review the novel and new Netflix movie, Woman in the Window. Tune in to find out how well the movie stayed true to its original story and what they thought of the alcoholic, agoraphobic protagonist (Whew!). We’ll give you a hint: It’s giving very much Woman on the Train.

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Resources: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2019/02/11/a-suspense-novelists-trail-of-deceptions

S3, Ep15: Was It Maud or Was It God?

This week, Hayley and Kayli are looking for the truths of life. Are we living in a simulation? What happens when we die? As you can see this week’s movie, St. Maud, brought some intense conversations about our time here on Earth. The psychological thriller half of this movie had the girls pondering just how far will someone go to feel like they are apart of something greater? The horror half had Hayley and Kayli wondering who the main character was talking to? In the end there was only one question: Was it Maud or was it God?

S3, Ep14: We’re All Sheep and Justice League Was Just Okay.

Hayley and Kayli are back this week with a special episode featuring not one but two movies. That’s right, they suffered through the original Justice League and Zach Snyder’s Justice League just to see what all the hype was about. From Wonder Woman to Batman these girls spare no feelings on what they thought about each superhero and their roles in the film. Tune in to find out which version they thought was the best and listen to your favs rant yet again.

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S3, Ep13: A Deadly Illusion

Here’s a deadly illusion for you: Hayley and Kayli didn’t waste 2 hours watching another Netflix Top 10 movie! This week, we are parsing through Deadly Illusions trying to figure out what was real and what was an iLlUsIoN. This would be a lot easier to do if the movie didn’t feature every overdone trope in the psychological thriller genre. Join us as we talk about some creepy ass relationships and the worst “twist” ending we’ve seen all year. Thanks Netflix!

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S3, Ep12: We Don’t Care A Lot

This week, Hayley and Kayli tackle a girl boss film about elder abuse. That’s right, we’re talking about I Care A Lot. If you’re looking for a movie that defies all reality – this one’s for you! Listen in as Hayley and Kayli try to understand how characters manage to evade death and why this movie features the worst Russian Mob in history.

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S3, Ep11: David Is Guilty

Looks like Hayley and Kayli’s book club finally paid off! Their previous book of the month, Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough, has been turned into a Netflix limited series. Known for it’s huge plot twist ending this show is undoubtedly one you don’t want to miss. Tune in to find out how the show compared to the original story and listen in on the conspiracy theory the girls have about the so called “good” and “wholesome” David.

Articles Mentioned on the Show:

S3, Ep10: Is Loyalty Dead?

Does loyalty in relationships exist anymore? This week, Hayley and Kayli explore the topic of loyalty in relationships through the lens of the film Black Bear. They also discuss this film’s unique two part story structure and try to decipher the author’s message (hint: it’s not easy). Listen in to hear Hayley and Kayli’s thoughts on Aubrey Plaza’s performance and how it compares to her other more traditional roles. This movie was interesting to say the least and the name still has us all confused.

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S3 Ep9: Our Time Vanished

Hayley and Kayli are slowly learning just because a movie is in Netflix’s Top 10, doesn’t mean it’s any good. This week the girls review The Vanished: a tale of two parents in search of their daughter who went missing on a Thanksgiving camping trip. A classic thriller – should be pretty good right? Tune in to find out exactly why Kayli would sell her soul to go back in time. The drama.

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S3, Ep8: A Candy-Coated Revenge Story

This week, Hayley and Kayli grabbed some popcorn and watched Promising Young Woman. This sugary revenge tale follows Cassie, who is haunted by her past and decides to teach some “good guys” a lesson. Is this a “man-hating, girl boss” type of film or is this a dark comedy, thriller masterpiece? Grab your candy of choice, dim the lights and get ready for one hell of a ride!

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S3, Ep7: We Got Soul!

New Year, New Pressed! This month, Hayley and Kayli are talkin about movies! Since we’re still stuck inside for this neverending quarantine, we thought it would be nice to let you know what movies are worth your time. We’re kicking off this month with 2020’s Soul, starring Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey. Is this film a step in the right direction for diversifying animated children’s films or is this a rehash of The Princess and the Frog? Tune in to find out all of the juicy details!

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The Best of 2020

Well, we have made it to 2021! We know everyone is ready to give a middle finger to 2020, but we aren’t done yet. It’s time to discuss the absolute best, the cream of the crop, the *chef’s kiss* of 2020! Hayley and Kayli are excited to share with you their highlights.


Last week I ranted about the worst Internet trends of 2020 but to end things on a much-needed better note, I thought I would share my favorites.

Tik Tok

I know exactly what you’re thinking – Didn’t you just say last week you hated Tik Tok or something? That would be halfway correct. I only slandered the ridiculous dances, but I am respectable and give credit where it’s due. Tik Tok has skyrocketed as one of the most used apps of the year and for good reason. There’s something for everyone: cooking, comedy, and even horror. The platform has allowed a space where anyone with a phone can make content and can be seen. I was skeptical at first, mostly because of the amount of young people on it, but I grew to love it and found myself scrolling endlessly.

This You?

Another internet trend I love from 2020 originates from one of the OG apps: Twitter. If you are unfamiliar with this app, you can express your thoughts and emotions in 280 characters or less while also being able to share photos and videos. The best part about this platform are the replies and comments to original posts. The “This You” trend is when one user gives a statement or thought and internet sleuths go searching and find this person said something to contradict themselves in the past. The sleuths then comment and say “This You?” to expose the user and it leads to some pretty funny interactions. See the example below for some clarification:

Twitter also took advantage of this trend to call out BLM bandwagon supporters who previously made comments that contradicted the movement. There’s nothing like exposing hypocrites.

The Mirror Challenge

Creatives everywhere were able to showcase their work during the quarantine as they had much more time on their hands. Once challenge involved taking a large mirror outside to take artsy photos out in nature and posting to social media sites. Not only where these photos beautiful but it was a way for people to connect and share their work.

In general, the amount of art I’ve seen pop up during 2020 increased and I must say I wasn’t disappointed. It’s nice to see the trend of creativity come back in style.

2020 was definitely one for the books. All we can do is push forward and try to navigate the new year the best we can. I can’t wait to see what internet trends the youths come up with next.


Although 2020 was the shittiest of shitty years, I actually enjoyed a lot of things (when it comes to books, movies or tv shows that is). So, for this blog going over the best of the best, I’ve decided to gush a little bit more on my favs. Let’s get started!


2020 was by far the best reading year I’ve had in a long time. I fell back in love with reading and found some really great books! One of them being Confessions by Kanae Minato. This was by far one of the most shocking books I’ve read this year, merely for the fact that at the end of each chapter I gasped out loud like an extra from Pretty Little Liars. This is about a teacher confronting her class about the murder of her young daughter. It’s a short read that was adapted into a movie that I’m super excited to check out. The only thing I will say is that each time a chapter starts, there’s like a recap of what happened previously. That got a little tiring, but it didn’t stop me from being shocked or enjoying the ride.

The next book on my list is When No One is Watching by Alyssa Cole. Y’all, I devoured this book in one day. I could not put it down! I was so intrigued with the story line and couldn’t wait to figure out how things would end. This one is about a historical black neighborhood that has fallen victim to gentrification. We follow two perspectives, one of them being a young woman who was raised in the neighborhood and the other being a young man who just moved in. The way Cole was able to use gentrification as a horror element was amazing! I will say that Cole is known for her romances and it definitely showed in one spicy scene, but other than that When No One is Watching was a great thriller that I highly recommend!

The last book I will talk about is The House in the Cerulean Sea by T.J. Klune. Ughhhh this book was just so wholesome that even thinking about it now makes my tiny heart swell. We follow Linus Baker who is a case worker at the Department in Charge of Magical Youth and is tasked with going to an island that is home to some pretty interesting children. I don’t want to say much more than that because I think it’s a better experience if you don’t know too much going in. This was such a great book that I highly recommend to anyone who needs a little pick me up.


Since going to the movies is not really an option at the moment, I watched a lot of movies on VOD that were quite surprising! One of them being The Call (2020) on Netflix. This is a foreign, dark fantasy about a woman who goes back to her childhood home and starts receiving some interesting calls. I know that’s pretty fucking vague, but you just have to go into this one without knowing too much in order to enjoy it. I really enjoyed the concept of this one, but the ending was a little shaky for me. Even with that, I still think this one is worth a watch!

Another movie I want to highlight is One Cut of the Dead (2017) on Shudder. This is a foreign, zombie film. Need I say more? Yes? Okay, well this is a zombie movie with a twist. I know that’s not much more but trust me, not knowing what this movie is about was the best way to watch it. I think this was such a creative way to show your classic zombies. So, if you’re a zombie connoisseur, add this to your watchlist to spice it up!  

TV Shows

I didn’t really get hooked to a lot of shows this year. I don’t know if it was quarantine or what, but I just got super bored with any show I started to watch. Except for these two, obviously. The first one is Love on a Spectrum on Netflix. This is a docu-series following a group of people who fall on the autistic spectrum and their journeys to find love. This show was so heartwarming! There’s nothing like watching people fall in love to really hit you in the feels. As someone who doesn’t have any personal experience with autism, it was really great being able to learn more about the spectrum. I highly recommend it!

The next show I’ve fallen into a love-hate relationship with is The Boys on Amazon Prime. The Boys is all about a group of regular-degular people deciding to teach a lesson to the superheroes who are kind of starting to terrorize the city rather than save it. Now, I’m not a huge fan of superheroes. I think the whole genre is a little played out, if I’m being honest. However, I do like it when they switch up the stories a little bit and show a flawed side to our infamous heroes. That’s where I really enjoy The Boys. I think it does a great job showing how human these superheroes can be. I mean everyone has a bad day, right? But it does a little too good of job showing how flawed these heroes are to the point where I absolutely loathe some of them. If my only complaint about a show is that I hate a character that is complete garbage, then I think they’re doing something right.

All in all, I’m ready to throw away 2020 and bring in 2021! I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year. Fingers crossed that this year is at least slightly better than the last. Stay Pressed y’all!

The Worst of 2020

This year was full of ups and downs and then more downs and even more downs. As we’re wrapping up 2020, Hayley and Kayli have decided to use the next two blog posts to talk about the worst and best of the year. As you can tell by the title of this blog, get ready for us to rant about some of the not-so-great moments of 2020.


This year has been one for the books – full of ups, downs, and cringey Internet trends brought on by quarantining. What’s a better way to wrap up this horrible year than to review my top 3 worst Internet trends of 2020? Since these are trends I might be in the minority here – but I think it’s important to call out some of the shenanigans we endured this year.

Viral Tik Tok Dances

My first nominee goes to the awful Tik Tok dances with basic dance moves, creepy smiling, and a way too many damn moves. I didn’t go one day without seeing the same routine done a million different times to a song I was sick of hearing. My love for Savage by Meg thee Stallion and Say So by Doja Cat quickly flew out the window when I heard them 100 times a day. Tik Tokers even remade dances to songs that ALREADY had dances like The Wobble by V.I.C. 

Just deplorable. 

Until Tomorrow Trend

I pulled this trend out of the depths of my memory because this was how unforgettable and weird this was. People would upload an embarrassing photo of themselves on Instagram and whoever liked it within the 24 hours the image was up was sent a chain-like DM saying they had to do the same thing – or else. 

What in the 2011????

I didn’t realize I would still be threatened by ominous chain-mail via Instagram in 2020 but, hey, I guess that’s on brand for this crazy year. I did enjoy looking at people’s crazy photos but once everyone joined in my feed just flooded with weird old photos and I was no longer entertained.

Push-up challenge

This might have been our lowest point. We “challenged” each other to randomly exercise??

Instagrammers all over the country posted stories of themselves doing a set amount of push-ups while tagging their closest friends to do the same. Why, you ask? I have no clue, the last thing I want to do while browsing Instagram is to be pressured into physical activity. 

I’ll stick to the shot challenge thank you very much. 

We have to give ourselves some slack because this was a strange year so, naturally, we did some strange things. No worries though, next week I will highlight some of the better trends we came up with in 2020 to end things on a better note. 

Stay Pressed!


This year I spent a lot of time reading and watching TV, which is why I thought it would be appropriate for me to talk about the worst book, movie, and TV show I got my hands on this year. I’ll try to keep this as spoiler free as possible, but no promises!

The Graveyard Apartment by Mariko Koike

I picked up this book for the group read during the Spooky Smart Bitches readathon. I was really excited about this one because of the premise. We are following a family that moves into an apartment complex that is located next to a graveyard. Slowly, all of the residents begin leaving the complex because of some spooky goings-on (cue spooky music here). Now, I looooooove a ghost story. Every time I read a horror book that doesn’t end in a supernatural twist, I am a little disappointed. Even with the supernatural element this book was a dud. I didn’t think it was possible for a ghost scene to be boring, but the Graveyard Apartment proved me wrong! Not only that, but the ending was super bizarre (not in a good way, unfortunately). All in all, I do not recommend this one unless you enjoy boring ass ghost stories!

Knock Knock (2015)

Ughhhhhhhh. This movie was by far the worst thing I watched this year, well tied with The Babysitter: Killer Queen. Knock Knock is about a supposedly happily married man being seduced by two rando women and paying the consequences. My biggest issue with this film is the message. At first it seems like your standard “men are trash, and they’ll cheat on you in a minute” type of film. Then it takes a weird turn where it seems like a job fit for Benson and Stabler, if you catch my drift. There’s also a scene where the husband (who is played by Keanu Reeves) has a five-minute monologue about free pizza. Eli Roth has definitely scarred me for life but not in the way I appreciate! I wouldn’t recommend this movie to my worst enemy, and I have a lot of those.

The Haunting of Bly Manor (2020)

Okay, let me clarify my feelings about this show before I get cancelled. I don’t think this was the worst show of 2020, but it was a huge disappointment for me. I just watched the Haunting of Hill House this year and absolutely loved it. I put if off for so long because I was afraid it wouldn’t live up to the hype, but boy was I wrong. I was super excited about the Haunting of Bly Manor, but it was just so much slower than Hill House. The twists were pretty obvious, the backstory episodes dragged and the whole season was just so boring and dull. It felt like the whole story revolved around Dani stomping around Bly. Also, it took me so long to finish the show that the ending didn’t have a huge impact for me, but that’s my fault. I think the best way to watch Bly Manor is by not watching Hill House first, or understand that Bly Manor is just a slow, slow, slow burn.

We know that 2020 was rough for a lot of us and our hearts go out to all of you that had a tough year. Not to jinx 2021, but fingers crossed that it’s somewhat better. Stay tuned because next week we’ll be talking about the best of 2020. Stay Pressed!

S3, Ep6: Corona Christmas

We hope your Holiday Season was as good as it could be given the difficult past year. Hayley and Kayli give a life update and go over Christmas shopping and what it could mean for your personal data. The girls also talk a little about Covid-19 and the upcoming vaccine everyone is so excited to take.

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S3, Ep5: What You’ve All Been Waiting For

We know – last week’s episode must have had you all worried for Hayley’s fate but no worries, its all the magic of storytelling. Hayley and Kayli worked hard to produce their first ever audio skit just in time for Halloween night. Join us this episode for a behind the scenes look at what it took to make the skit as well as the inspiration for the story. The girls also have a special Pressed on the Internet topic where Hayley rants for 15 minutes and Kayli listens like the great friend she is.

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Halloween Chronicles 4

Happy Halloween all you ghouls and goblins! I can’t believe how fast this month went by. I’m spending this Halloween watching some spooky movies in my spooky pjs. You know, living the life! I’m excited to fit an extra hour in on this spooky day and spend it getting scared! This past week I finished 3 books and watched 3 movies. Let’s get to it!

Through the Woods by Emily Carroll

Rating: 3/5

Through the Woods is a graphic novel made up of 5 different stories that depict dread, fear, and loneliness. There’s not a lot I can say about this novel since it’s made up of short stories, but I will tell you the imagery in this is just beautiful! Carroll uses colors in such a wonderful way that it really helps convey the message of each story. I recommend this one just for the visuals alone!

The Night Swim by Megan Goldin

Rating: 4/5

Before we get into this one, I will say that this book is about sexual assault. So if you are sensitive to that topic, I would strongly suggest that you skip it. The Night Swim is told in two different perspectives, Rachel and Hannah. Rachel hosts a podcast “Guilty or Not Guilty” where she discusses different true crime cases. This season takes Rachel to a small town where a rape trial is currently underway, which she plans on covering in full detail to allow the audience to come to their own conclusion. While Rachel is covering the trail, she receives a letter from a fan of the show, Hannah, asking for Rachel to look into her sister’s case. Hannah claims that her sister was assaulted and murdered, but the case was considered an accidental drowning.

The Night Swim was such a great exploration into the topic of rape culture and sexual assault. The way the story was told with both perspectives and the podcast episodes covering the case, really kept me engaged. I think Goldin did a terrific job portraying such a hard topic. I would recommend this to anyone who is okay with the subject matter.  Also, the audiobook of this is full cast and I highly recommend listening to it!

Burn Our Bodies Down by Rory Power

Rating: 3.5/5

In Burn Our Bodies Down we are following Margo, who has a strained relationship with her mother but yearns for a family. One day, Margo finds a number for her grandmother and embarks on a journey of discovering herself and uncovering her family’s secrets.

I think this book is best experienced blind, which is why I’m being vague. I also recommend reading the book, unless you like listening to someone whining for 10 hours. Anyways, this is the second Rory Power book I’ve read this year and I enjoyed the mystery behind this one much more! In Wilder Girls, I felt like the mystery’s explanation was very heavy handed, but Power’s did a better job this time around. Burn Our Bodies Down was a fun family drama with some horror elements, and I enjoyed the ride. Recommend if you want some spooky farm vibes!

Sleep Tight (2011)

Rating: 2.5/5

Sleep Tight is a Spanish film following an apartment caretaker who loves making people miserable. This movie was a damn trip, but not in the best way. The caretaker’s devious deeds are awful and disturbing to watch unfold, but his motives are never really explained. Maybe that is the scariest thing, knowing that people don’t need a reason to be cruel. But in a movie, I need a little more closure to truly enjoy the ending. If you love creeps, I would definitely recommend this one to you!

Antebellum (2020)

Rating: 2.5/5

I’m not even going to try to tell you what this one is about. I think going into Antebellum without knowing what is going to happen, is the best way to experience this one. I honestly don’t even know how to explain my feelings about it either. I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it. I think it’s because I figured out the twist way before it was revealed, and the whole time I was just waiting for confirmation. I don’t know if I recommend this one or not, but if you have $20 bucks to burn go ahead!

The Frighteners (1996)

Rating: 2/5

The Frighteners is an acid trip of a film. It’s a cheesy movie about a psychic who uses his connections with ghosts to go around town staging hauntings. However, he notices that there’s a new ghost in town killing people and it’s up to our psychic to unravel the mystery. This is more of a background movie rather than a “let’s bust out the popcorn and chill on the couch” movie. I say this because the plot is just a mess, but the characters are messier! If you want some cheese in your life and a messy group of characters, go ahead and pick it up!

Well this was a fun exploration into all things spooky and scary! I hope you found some things to keep you up at night this October. Thanks for reading! Happy Halloween!

S3, Ep4: Spooktacular Times!

Happy Halloween! Since we’re all stuck at home this year for Halloween, Hayley and Kayli decided to spend this last episode of Hallowpressed by talking about some movies they watched this spooky season! Hayley was very disgusted to learn that Kayli’s childhood wasn’t spent watching some of the Halloween classics like Hocus Pocus and Halloween Town. So this year, Kayli did just that. Was her childhood lacking or are these classics actually a waste of time? Who’s to know! They also introduce a new segment “Would We Survive” where Hayley and Kayli place themselves in different horror movies and figure out if they have the guts to survive. Stay safe and stay spooky y’all!

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Your Destination

Hey there you spooky cats and kittens! We hope you’re ready to get scary because Hayley and Kayli found an app that is going to take them on a wild ride. “Your Destination” is an app designed to take you somewhere new and all you have to do is have an intention. But what if the intention was “scary”? Would it truly be a terrifying experience? Listen to find out!

Sound Effects: https://www.epidemicsound.com

Music: YouTube Audio Library

Halloween Chronicles 3

Wanna hear something spooky? October is almost over! I can’t believe how fast this month has gone by! I mentioned in my first post that I was planning on reading 13 books this month, and at this point I don’t think I’ll be able to read all of them. Who would’ve known reading 13 books in a month was going to be difficult?? This week I was able to read 2 books and watch 4 movies. So let’s get started!

Lock Every Door by Riley Sager

Rating: 4/5

Lock Every Door follows Jules, who’s having a rough time in good ol’ NYC. The day she was laid off was also the day she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her. Now, she’s staying on a friend’s couch trying to find a job. That’s when she sees a promising ad for an apartment sitter. During the interview, Jules learns that if she is able to follow the rules of the apartment complex for three months, she’ll be paid $12,000. Getting paid that much for just living in an apartment? Doesn’t sound sketchy at all! Jules obviously doesn’t think so, as she decides to take up the position. However, things start getting strange as Jules begins to settle down in the apartment.

This is my third Riley Sager book I’ve read this year and it was a good time! I devoured this book in 2 days! I was just so excited to figure out the mystery of this apartment building alongside Jules. My favorite trope, in both books and movies, occurs in Lock Every Door and that is the main character researching. I love following a character into a library or having them google articles about their new home. It makes me feel like I can put the pieces together like a little detective! An interesting tidbit in this book (that isn’t a spoiler) is the mention of a Blue Moon on Halloween. Now, a Blue Moon is when a Full Moon happens more than once in a month. If you didn’t know, this year in real life there will be a Blue Moon on Halloween! When I saw this being talked about in the book, I flipped out! Like biiiiiitch! What’s going to happen this Blue Moon??? Overall, I highly recommend any of Riley Sager’s books! Each one has been intriguing and a fun time.  

The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James

Rating: 3/5

The Sun Down Motel is told in two separate timelines: one following Viv in 1982 and the other following Carly in 2017. Viv worked the late-night shift at the Sun Down Motel where most of the guests are ghosts rather than paying customers. Then one night, Viv goes missing. She starts her shift at the Sun Down and disappears, leaving her purse and car behind. Having this great mystery hanging over her family for 35 years, Carly decides to try to figure out what happened to her Aunt Viv. The best way for her to do this would be to work the exact same shift Viv worked the night she went missing.

Now, I really don’t know how to feel about this book. For whatever reason, this one didn’t keep me as enthralled as the previous book did and it took me a lot longer to finish it. Also, I figured out everything before the reveals. I don’t know if that is necessarily a bad thing or not. I mean it is cool to have the clues there for you to solve the mystery, but if you figure it out too soon then the book seems to drag. However, this is one of the first books I’ve read in a while where ghosts were actually acknowledged and played a role in the mystery. It was cool that the characters believed one another’s experience, instead of the classic horror trope where no one believes that ghosts could possibly be the reason behind the weirdness. Overall, I did like the Sun Down Motel and enjoyed reading a paranormal story this Halloween season. I recommend it if you’re a fan of true crime.

The Cleansing Hour (2019)

Rating: 1.5/5

The Cleansing Hour is a hot ass mess of a film. It follows two friends, Max and Drew, who decided to create a livestream called “The Cleansing Hour”. Each livestream shows Max performing an exorcism on some poor soul. It turns out it’s all fake, like most things on the internet. Then one day when their “possessed” guest is a no-show, Drew’s fiancé fills in. Then things get real!

Okay. I hated it! This is an interesting concept, I guess? I mean it isn’t original to say the least, but I love possession stories which is why I decided to give it a chance. Here’s my issues with the film: I hated all the characters, the story was a mess, and the ending was predictable. Also, the footage from the livestream looked so bad! They didn’t even have the decency to film their livestream in 1080p. The audacity!  I don’t really have anything positive to say about this film and I don’t think it is worth your time. But if you’re bored and want something cheesy to watch, go for it!

Impetigore (2019)

Rating: 3.5/5

After an inciting event, Maya is forced to return to her home village and uncover her family’s secrets. Okay, I know that is super duper vague but I think this one is best experienced not knowing what’s going to happen. I will not be spoiling it, but I do have some opinions to share!

Impetigore’s opening scene is the best one I’ve seen this spooky season! It was intense, sudden, and just a perfect way to start a horror movie. I will say that the rest of the movie isn’t as strong as the beginning, but that is not to say that I didn’t like this movie. Impetigore was my introduction into Indonesian horror and it was an experience that I really enjoyed. I can’t wait to explore more from this director and Indonesian horror in general! Highly recommend!

The Stepford Wives (1975)

Rating: 3/5

Joanna and her family move from the big city of NYC to the quiet town of Stepford. Trying to be neighborly, Joanna and her husband get involved in the community, but things are run a little differently in Stepford. You know what? That’s all I’m going to say about this one! Let’s keep it vague, baby!

This is another film I watched with my family that came out during the year my mom was born. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from a 70s movie, but I was pleasantly surprised with this one! Now, I was able to guess what was going on way before anything was revealed. I still had a lot of fun watching it and the ending was a little creepy! Overall, if you don’t mind a slow burn from the 70s, I recommend this one!

Phantom of the Megaplex (2000)

Rating: 2/5

Phantom of the Megaplex follows Pete Riley, a hard-working teen, who has a job as assistant manager at a movie theater that is supposedly haunted. Oooooo. The night of a huge movie premier, things start going terribly wrong. Almost as if someone was trying to sabotage the premier. Could it be the Phantom?? It’s up to Pete and his siblings to figure it out!

I’ve never seen this movie growing up, but my boyfriend was very excited to re-watch it. I didn’t have as good of a time watching it as he did, and I’ll tell you why. This movie was STRESSFUL! The whole movie is just Pete struggling to keep the Megaplex together. So many disasters kept happening and it was just pure chaos. I can see how little kids could enjoy it. However, there was a secondary plot line in this movie that felt a little weird and slowed the movie down a bit. Basically, we’re following Pete’s mom on a date with her boyfriend. During the date, the topic of marriage comes up and they discuss (in metaphors) about if they should make it official. The secondary plot would’ve bored me as a kid, if we’re being honest. Overall, I don’t think my childhood was lacking because I missed the Phantom of the Megaplex.

Well, October is almost over and I still have a ton of things I want to get to. Will I be able to read and watch everything I have on my list? I guess we’ll see! Keep it spooky y’all!

S3, Ep3: We’re Here for the Boos!

Don’t be scared, but this week’s episode is all about ghosts! That’s right, this episode is all about the history of ghosts and why we may be so open to believing in them. With shows like Ghost Adventures and plenty of ghostly Tik Toks, it can be easy to dismiss these transparent fiends but maybe there is more to it. Also, we decided to take a “trip” to South Korea and learn more about what they find scary by discussing some popular horror movies. So, take your seat, buckle in and let’s get spooky! haunting

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