S2, Ep13: A Virtual Nightmare

ARGs. What are they? Who are they? Are you getting your daily intake? Well, lucky for you, your favorite witches are here to give you the low down on ARGs! This week, Hayley and Kayli also introduce everyone’s favorite segment: “Scary or Not Scary!” Are your favorite movies terrifying and ghoulish or boring and snoorish? Listen to find out!

Resources From the Show: “The Institute” (2013). Nexpo: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpFFItkfZz1qz5PpHpqzYBw

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S2, Ep12 Battle of the Clowns!

It’s Clown Season, witches! This week, Hayley and Kayli are getting down and dirty with a couple of clowns. They are reviewing “Joker” and “Wrinkles the Clown Documentary.” Join them as they give their honest opinions about these films! Choose your fighter: Pennywise, Joker, or Wrinkles the Clown!

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S2, Ep11: Which IT Is It?

Hayley and Kayli are getting sucked into the sewers this week and reviewing all of the IT movies! Is Pennywise just clowning around or is he actually a menace to society? Join us down here in the sewers for some answers and remember: WE ALL FLOAT DOWN HERE!

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S2, Ep10: Nightmare Fuel

Welcome back to Hallowpressed, goblins and ghouls! This week, Hayley and Kayli are exploring the dreamy realm of nightmares. Why do we have them? What does Kayli’s reoccurring dream about the zombie apocalypse actually mean? Listen in to find out! They also discuss virtual reality and its impact on traditional haunted houses. What could possibly go wrong when you mix VR with haunted attractions? Apparently a lot!


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Movies to Get Spooky 2019

Which IT Is It?: Review Available 10/08

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  • IT Chapter 1 (2017)
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  • IT Chapter 2 (2019)
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Battle of the Clowns: Review Available 10/10 

  • Joker (2019)
    • Theaters
  • Wrinkles the Clown (2019)
    • YouTube, Amazon Video (Cheapest!), or iTunes

Haven’t We Seen This Before?: Review Available 10/17

  • Are You Afraid of the Dark? Episode 1
    • Premiers on TV October 11th @ 7 PM EST
  • American Horror Story: 1984 Episode 1
    • FX.com (free if you have a TV provider), YouTube, or Amazon Video

The Zombies Are Coming!: Review Available 10/24 

  • Zombieland (2009)
    • Amazon Video or YouTube
  • Zombieland 2: Double Tap (2019)
    • Theaters October 18th

Now That’s a Classic!: Review Available 10/31 

  • Night of the Living Dead (1968)
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  • The Thing (1982)
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S2, Ep9: I Miss Da Old Halloween

Welcome back to Hallowpressed! Your favorite ghouls are back and ready to get spooky! This week, we are walking down memory lane and talking all about our fears. Along the way, we realized that Halloween just isn’t the same. What happened to trick-or-treaters? Does anyone actually celebrate Halloween anymore? Tune in to hear our hot takes on all things spooky!

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S2, Ep8: I’m a State Farm Executive, Damn It!

Where have the girls been? This week, Hayley and Kayli give a little life update! They also give their hot takes on jobs. Is it possible to find a job that doesn’t make you miserable? Who knows! Listen in as they share their personal horror stories from their jobs.

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S2, Ep7: The Sisterhood of the Defined Curls

We’re back and we’re winding down this series on our curly hair! This week, Hayley and Kayli are joined by some special guests to discuss their beautiful tresses! Join us as we talk about growing up with our curls, learning how to take care of them, and, of course, the trials we’ve gone through on our curly hair journies! 

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S2, Ep6: A Curly Conspiracy!

Are you ready to get tangled into one hairy conspiracy? This week, Hayley and Kayli dug into the world of natural curly hair products and came up with more questions than answers. Is the natural hair community getting scammed by these high prices for natural, curly hair products?  Are we being duped by Instagram models claiming to have naturally curly hair? In a consumer-driven society, it has become easier and easier for people to fall prey to believing they need to pay higher prices to accomplish their desired look. But how many products do we actually need? Join us on this journey to find out the real tea on hair products!

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S2, Ep5: Let’s Get to the Root!

We are starting another series and this one is a little tangly. Hayley and Kayli talk about their natural curls and how it has been growing up with unconventional hair. Tune in to find out the crazy things strangers have done and said when the girls were just trying to mind their business!

Blog Post similar to this episode: O Curls, Where Art Thou?

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S2, Ep4: You Can’t Have Beef with a Child

The weather is heating up and so is the internet! This week Hayley and Kayli discuss some “hot topics” in this month’s episode of Pressed on the Internet. This includes topics ranging from love children to nudity and the iCloud. Listen to find out just what they think about these internet shenanigans!

Sources: https://psychcentral.com/blog/why-positive-affirmations-dont-work/

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S2, Ep3: You Betta Work!

This week, Hayley and Kayli are finishing up their laps in the body image pool and basking in the subject of confidence. What does it really mean to be confident in your skin? Is it even possible? We searched the internet for some advice and came up short. Do you have any advice on loving the body you’re in? Share it with us at pressedpodcast@gmail.com for a chance for us to read your advice on next week’s episode!

Articles: https://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/learn/general-information/ten-steps


S2, Ep2: Oh Boy, We’re Getting Personal!

Hayley and Kayli are still floating in the deep waters of body image. This week, we have some special guests joining us: Tristan and Sam! They get personal about their relationships with their bodies, dating, and societal views on male bodies!

Article: https://www.bradley.edu/sites/bodyproject/male-body-image-m-vs-f/


S2, Ep1: Get Me Bodied, Baby!

We’re baaaaack! With summer coming upon us, there’s only one thought racing through our minds: “Are we summer body ready?” This week, Hayley and Kayli are diving deep into the waters of body image. So, bring your swimsuits, sunscreen, and all of your insecurities and meet us at the pool!




O Curls, Where Art Thou?

This week, Hayley and Kayli are stepping out of their comfort zones, one baby hair swoop at a time! We found some Instagram curly hairstyles to try out on ourselves and man, what a ride that was! Did we struggle through each hairdo or did we uncover the hottest hairstyle of 2019? Check out the video to find out!

Being naturally curly girls, we tend to get a lot of comments about our hair (mostly unwarranted). On top of dropping some fresh content on our YouTube channel, plz subscribe, we’ve decided to (finger) comb our hair for an opinion of our own! Scroll down to read this week’s blog.




“I bet you wish it was straight!”

No I don’t. If I had a penny for every time I heard this assumption I wouldn’t be struggling as bad as I am now. Growing up, like everyone else with curly hair, was a struggle. And unfortunately for me, YouTube wasn’t as magical as it now and I had little to no help on how to manage my curls. It was all trial and error.

In elementary school I would never wear my hair down for fear of my hair frizzing up and getting out of control. The closest I ever got to wearing it all out was having it in the famous “half-up-half-down” style that we all know and love. It wasn’t until I got to middle school that I began letting all my curls hang free instead of a tight pony tail or bun.

My most horrific memory of my hair was when I used mousse – and nothing else. I walked around middle school with crispy, wet looking curls. It wasn’t until one day I used less of the product and everyone complimented me on my “soft” curls. I never stopped using something so quick in my life. That was when I found leave-in-conditioner and I have never looked back.

Overall I love my curly hair and I would never change it for the world. No matter how many times people tell me to straighten my hair I will never wish I was any different. I know people don’t mean any harm, but continuously hearing people tell you to try looking a certain way it can get annoying. I mean how many straight-haired people are told to go curly? I’ll wait.

We all have different things about us that make us unique. Even though this is the most basic statement it is also the most true. Hold on to what makes you special and you will never feel like you aren’t good enough because you know exactly what separates you from everyone else. My curls always made me feel special and I hope every other curly-haired girl out there feels the same.



My hair and I have been THROUGH it! Being mixed and mostly raised by my white side, my hair caused mass confusion for my family. Throughout elementary school, my hair was styled in four braids with a barrette at the end. I know, a fashion icon. Then middle school came around and so did the perms. I permed my beautiful curls pin-board straight from middle school until high school. I was terrified of my curls! What was I going to do with them? I couldn’t rock the same hairstyle as I did in elementary school, could I?

Senior year of high school, I made a decision. I decided to go to UT, which is a four hour ride back home on a good day. With that being the case, I wasn’t going to be coming home all that often. This meant that when I did come home, I would have to get my hair done which took HOURS! I didn’t want to spend hours of the precious time I had getting my hair done. That’s when I decided to ditch the perm and go natural.

Most of the time when people go from perming their hair for an extended amount of time to their natural hair pattern, they undergo the “Big Chop.” This is cutting off all of the dead chemical hair and letting that fresh new hair grow in. Now, I’m very self-conscious. I feel like a little boy when I have my hair in bun, what the hell was I going to do bald????? So instead of that, I just had two completely different hair textures at once. At the root, my fresh baby curls were peaking through. At the ends were dead, limp slightly-wavy strands. It was rough to say the least.  I didn’t know what to do with my hair, but I’m happy to say that five years later, I still have no idea what to do with my hair!

I have a strange relationship with my hair. I love the color, the shape, the curls, but sometimes I just wish it was straight. It was so much easier to take care of. Now, I’m in a whole other field of learning. Plus, people have a lot to say about my hair and how poorly I’m taking care of it. Like damn! I’m trying! I think having interesting hair makes you more of a target for comments and back-handed compliments. At the end of the day, I’m glad that I decided to go back to my curls. I can’t be terrified of them anymore, there are so many other things to fear. Like disappointing my parents, never accomplishing anything, and the impending apocalypse (most likely zombie related).


Does This Insta Post Make Me Look Fat?

Let’s talk about bodies! With social media sites like Instagram and Facebook blowing up, there has been a very interesting conversation around the topic of body image and societal influences. Of course, people have been influenced by media portrayals of beauty long before these sites existed. However, Instagram and Facebook put the “Average Joe” in the limelight. Now anyone can gain clout through some simple squat videos and bikini pics. With that also comes the “body acceptance” trend we’ve seen where women express that their curves and rolls and all that in between are beautiful.

This week Hayley and Kayli are going to dive into their own relationships with their bodies and how Instagram has influenced that relationship. Check out these episodes of our podcast were we talk about a similar topic! Let’s Face it: We’re Ugly Boys Don’t Buy Us Drinks 



I often wonder what it would be like if I grew up in an era where technology wasn’t the center of society. It’s funny to think this era was not too long ago. Just ask your parents; they will tell you all about life without social media and the pressure of an anonymous online crowd. Hell, I might as well ask myself. Growing up I didn’t have these things either but now it’s hard to imagine a life without it. The social online world has its perks, like connecting people from all over the world. However, like all things, it has its downside. Social media is a breeding ground for aesthetic comparison as it is composed of images and perceptions.

As social media gathers information from the masses it conceives its own standard of beauty. The popular trend for women (as of now) is obtaining an hourglass figure, having sharper than knife cheekbones, and filling your lips out of proportion. Because of this obsession, entire careers are built off having a fat ass and a great angle. Since this image is ingrained over and over again it is hard not to feel inadequate when comparing myself to some of these women.

All my life I have been on the slimmer side. It also didn’t help the fact I towered over most of the kids my age until high school. Even though this may not sound terrible, all the boys, and some girls, would make sure I knew just how thin and unattractive I was. A group of boys once said if I gained 20 pounds they would date me. While all the other girls were filling out bras and getting a “womanly shape” I remained as I was: tall and skinny; the exact opposite preteen boys were going for. As I grew older I have gained a little weight and don’t feel as stick-ish as I once did. Even so, you can imagine my disappointment when I found out the new trend was a tiny waist, fat hips, and a large backside. Even though 90% of these women have had surgery it seems this is still what is expected to look and feel beautiful.

One of the most popular solutions for this body image dilemma is to start showcasing “natural” bodies of “real” women. Companies have started using “real” women in their campaigns that are nevertheless handpicked by a group of picky talent agencies. These “real” models still manage to have beauty standards that seem unattainable.

So what’s the solution? I have thought about how we as women, and I’m sure some men, can feel better about ourselves. But then it hit me: no one is responsible for my happiness and self-acceptance. This is not something that can be handed over or bought. Instagram models and big corporations don’t know, or care about, who I am and they never will. It is our job as individuals to ensure we are happy with who we are and our identity. Instead of focusing on everyone on Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube, you should pay some attention to yourself.  Maybe if we spent the amount of time we do on social media sites as we did ourselves we might just feel a little better.



I don’t think I’ve ever been comfortable with my body. I think now that I have gained a few extra pounds, I’ve become a lot more self-conscious and insecure but I don’t remember ever feeling confident. Back in the day I used to be pretty athletic. I ran track, played soccer, and was shooting them hoops boy! Even though I was in shape, I just didn’t really like my body or other people looking at it. Wearing a bikini or something that was a little tight always made me uncomfortable. In high school, I wore some jeans that made my booty look poppin! As I walked past a group of boys, all I heard them talk about was my ass. It made me feel so weird that I picked up the pace. It was the unwanted attention that made me uncomfortable. Now, I am super uncomfortable with my body. After high school, I stopped playing sports. College was rough and I just kind of stopped taking care of my body. Now I am at the heaviest I have ever been and the relationship with my body has gotten worst.

Since I have gained weight, I really don’t post on social media anymore. To be fair, I never really liked taking pictures to begin with. I just felt like if tried to be pretty and failed, that would be the most hurtful thing. Like here I am really feeling myself in this picture and it turns out I look hideous. But I have noticed that if I do post a picture or a Snapchat rant, I have a filter on it. I use them as a crutch to make me feel like I look better. Even though I don’t post on social media that much, I’m still looking at everyone else post. Not only is everyone living their best life, which is way better than mine, but they all look better than I do. I don’t follow like super famous people, but I do follow some YouTubers and social media influencers. It makes it easier for me to feel like I’m accomplishing nothing when everyone posts their highlight reels. I can’t blame social media for making me feel bad about how I see my body. Clearly I’ve never felt great about what I looked like. However, social media does make it easier for the average person to gain some sort of following. It just feels like, why not me? Why can’t I do that?

The key to social media is definitely moderation. If it is constantly making you feeling bad, ween it out of your system. It is really easy to compare yourself to others when that’s what you constantly feed yourself. I try to remind myself that everyone is on their own journey. That everyone is going through their own thing. But it doesn’t always work.

Well, after reading that I realized how bleak and sad I sounded. My bad! When it comes to the relationship I have with my body, I’ve come to think about it like any other relationship I have. It’s going to take work. It’s going to take compromise. It’s going to take love. If you’re struggling with your own body issues, I don’t think social media is the place to turn to. In my own personal experiences I’ve never felt better after scrolling through Instagram. Find what does make you happy, that keeps you motivated to reach those goals. It’s going to take work my dude, but shooooooot what doesn’t?


Dear Diary, Does it Really Work Out in the End?

With a new month beginning, Hayley and Kayli thought it would be great time for some reflection and life updates. The month of May is usually pretty busy with the school year wrapping up and graduation ceremonies popping off. It has been a year since Hayley and Kayli have graduated from college and boy, is that weird to say! This week, we’re going to do a deep dive into what’s on our minds. Have we finally figured out what we’re doing with our lives or are we still struggling? Read our diary entries to find out!

Check out our podcast episodes where we get real about life: What is Life? Yes, We’re Negative


Dear Diary,

Time sure does fly when you’re underpaid and struggling at your entry-level job! This past year has gone quicker than my paycheck after rent is due. I turned 23 yesterday and was happy to hear I am still considered in my early twenties. The thought of me being mid-anything is terrifying so I am going to hold on to this year as if it were my last.

With all this being said I think I’ve learned a lot about myself, and life. I’m not necessarily where I would like to be but learning what I don’t like is just as important as learning what I do like. Sitting at a 9-5 job all day is not what I had envisioned for myself but I’m gaining valuable experience I can use to leverage myself into a job I love. I know I’m not the only one in this situation and I believe this is life’s way of forcing us to come to terms with our individuality and find who we really are. Society has made many of us think we should have our lives together at 21 with nice cars and oversized homes. This has never, and will never be the case. The occasional Instagram model and YouTube star may make me think otherwise but nothing great ever comes easy. I have to be patient, work hard, and try to have a little fun along the way.

Everyone says it will get better so I’m going to take a leap of faith and believe it!


Dear Diary,

Well, time sure does fly by! It’s been a year since I’ve graduated from college and I still have no idea what I am doing. Before I graduated college, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do afterwards. I wasn’t sure what kind of job I would want or what I would like to be doing for the majority of my week. When I landed the job I have now, I knew that it wasn’t going to be my forever job. Since that was the case, I decided to use this as an opportunity to learn about what I would like to do one day. FYI this is my very first job. I had internships in college, but not a real job. So, I was hoping to learn something from this one. All I’ve learned so far is that I hate my job. I’ve never felt like I was doing something so pointless before in my life. Like anyone could do my job, I’m not irreplaceable. I feel like just another cog in the machine. I know that sounds pretty dramatic or whatever, but that’s the tea sis. It has been really difficult the last six months since I’ve started working. However, I have come to a realization.

I am terrified of making the wrong decision. I feel like there is a path I’m supposed to be traveling down. Since I don’t know what this path looks like or where it leads, I’m just hoping that I’m following it. But what if I make the wrong decision and end up on a whole different path and it takes years for me to correct it and get back on track? Since I’m terrified of making a decision, I end up doing nothing. I end up just being stressed and anxious about what to do next. But that’s the problem. By not doing anything, I’m making a decision. I’m making the decision to stay exactly where I am, knowing that I hate it. That’s the wrong decision. I always wish I could wake up one day and everything would be solved and I’m happy and everything is perfect. That’s not going to happen. I have to put in the work. I have to follow what feels right at that moment. I can’t wait around hoping something will change, I have to change. I’m the driving factor in my life.

Well Diary, wish me luck! I’m hoping that I’ll find something that makes me happy. That I finally trust myself enough that I can stop second-guessing everything I do. That I finally step into who Kayli is supposed to be.

Horror Movies R ‘Us’

It is a damn shame that we are supposed to fit in all of our spookiness into one season of the year. Why should we cram all of the creepy, scary and terrifying parts of this world into one day? Your favorite ghouls don’t think it’s fair so we decided to bring some spookiness to you this spring! If you’re feeling extra spicy, you can check out our “Hallowpressed” series we did the entire month of October! We did a deep dive into urban legends, ripped horror movies to shreds, and scoured the internet for the scariest stories we could find!

This post Hayley and Kayli are going to discuss what scares them most in horror movies and review Jordan Peele’s newest installment “Us.”


From the beginning of time horror films were made to provoke our innermost fears using scary monsters as our source of terrors. These monsters come in all forms, from mythical legends like vampires and the undead to more realistic ones like serial killers with a thirst for suffering. But what happens when the scary monster isn’t some crazy werewolf or chainsaw wielding man? What if the monster is you?

In Jordan Peel’s new movie, US, this very theme is explored and asks the audience to challenge the way we look at monsters. The main character of the move, Adelaide, played by Lupita Nyong’o, fights against a clone version of herself and must face her past to save her family. Throughout the movie we find there is a group of people living in abandoned underground subway tunnels as a result of a government experiment gone wrong. Each person in the tunnels is a clone of someone living above ground and somehow each pair is connected. The underground clones rise to the surface and begin killing their other halves in an effort to get revenge. By the end of the film we realize that Adelaide’s clone, Red, was actually born above ground and Adelaide herself is the clone from below. This begs the question, who is really the enemy?

When I realized the twist I found myself confused as to whom I should consider the “evil monster”. Adelaide, who locked Red underground so she could live on the surface, became less likable, as I realized she stole Red’s life and took it as her own. I became sympathetic with Red, even though she had been the murderous villain the entire move. Once I knew why Red wanted revenge, I understood her actions while also understanding Adelaide’s quest to save her family.

Peel did a great job in creating a horror film in which the true monster was circumstance. Both Red and Adelaide were the same person; the only defining factor was where, and how, each woman grew up. One had love and opportunity, the other had hate and a lack of free will. Because the girls switched there is no denying the fact there is no difference between the subway dwellers and the humans above. No one group is better or morally superior than the other and this is what I feel Peel was trying to convey.

This theme reflects America’s current state on marginalized groups. Minority communities are often looked down on as full of criminals and people who chose their circumstances. The truth is, they are a product of an environment beyond their control and anyone given similar conditions would end up the same. Peele shoved a mirror up to the audience and wants it known the true monster isn’t them, it’s us.




I can’t even hide my love for horror movies, even if I tried. As soon as I get on Netflix, I am scrolling through the horror genre section like a kid in a candy shop. From a young age, my favorite memories were curling up on the couch each weekend and watching a scary movie with my family. We all know that not every horror movies is created equally and I do prefer specific topics much more than others. My favorite sub-genres of horror are zombies, demons/possession, ghosts/haunting s, and aliens. Now for my least favorite sub-genre I would definitely have to say that by far gory movies are the worst. I know that may sound hypocritical since a lot of people think scary movies equal gory movies. But there is a distinct difference between tasteful gore and bloodbath gore. The “Saw” franchise is a perfect example of this. The first movie highlights the desperation of the characters with the use of gore. Ol’ boy literally cut his whole leg off because there wasn’t an escape in sight. Later on in the series, they’re just going for the gusto with their over-the-top kills and it no longer adds anything to the story.

So, what makes a horror movie scary to me? Based on the sub-genres that I enjoy, there seems to be common theme between them. At the core of them, I think the scariest thing is the overwhelming sense of doom they create. With the impending zombie apocalypse, I find myself thinking quite often about my strategy on how to survive. But how would anyone really survive? My dude, if the whole world got infected by this disease is there really anywhere safe? Sure you might make it a couple of days, but what’s the end goal? There is a lot more of the infected than you. With demons and ghosts, how the hell are you going to fight something that is literally unseen? You could call in some priests to bless the place, but what are the chances that it actually worked? You wouldn’t know until it was too late. With aliens, it is a lose-lose situation. They’re either there to take over our planet because we are incapable of keeping it alive or they’re here to experiment on us. The seemingly inescapable terror these creatures invoke are the things that scare me the most. My favorite movies that highlight these sub-genres would be: ‘Train to Busan,’ ‘Hereditary,’ and ‘The 4th Kind.

I was super excited watching Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ since I saw the previews for it at the end of 2018. I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed ‘Get Out’, so I was expecting another banger with this film. Unfortunately, I felt kind of disappointed with ‘Us’. Now, that’s not to say that I didn’t like the film because there are lots of elements that I did enjoy. However, I think it could have had a stronger execution if there was a little bit more preparation. Like most films, the interpretation of the meaning behind ‘Us’ is highly dependent on the audience. Some can see it as a movie about us versus our innermost demons, others can see it as a commentary about those who have access to resources (the rich) versus those who don’t have that access (the poor). Some even say that the title ‘Us’ can be read as the ‘U.S.’ so the theme changes to a message about the U.S. as a country. Solid themes that I can definitely respect, but this movie experience was different than ‘Get Out’. I never felt tense. I was never on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next. I feel like horror movies strive for you to be uncomfortable, either while watching the movie or with lingering thoughts after the viewing. That’s not how I felt with this movie at all. Some of my qualms with this film was the reasoning behind the tethered project. Like it was just weird how after all of that time, effort, and money the government kind of just dipped on the project. If their goal was to control the world above, why did they give up and just leave the tethers there? Why not kill them? This could also be another way to support the theme of the movie being about the U.S. The government does have a tendency to come in and try to fix things but leave before the project is complete or when things get hard. Also, the voice of the real Adelaide was not scary at all. It kind of broke the tension of the movie whenever she spoke. Overall, I don’t think this movie was terrible. It definitely didn’t live up to the hype that I put on it myself. I don’t know if I would classify this movie as a horror film though. Maybe more of a social commentary with horror elements. I would rate ‘Us’ a 6/10.



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Do You Want to Take a Shower with Me?

This week’s post is dedicated to the fans! Instead of reading about how we feel about roommates, we decided to share some snippets from two listener “femails.” These were showcased on our episode Things Get Shitty… alongside different articles talking about crazy ass roommates, which are linked below as well! So sit back and get ready for the tea!

Special thanks to Robert and Aubrey* for sending in their “femails!” If you’re Pressed, send us an email at pressedpodcast@gmail.com!

Robert’s Story:

“I stopped, turned to him, and his back was to me. ‘What?’ I said. And he repeated himself and I was like wow okay he really DID just say That. 

He had said ‘Do you want to take a shower with me?’
I could feel my soul lift from my body and attempt to fathom what I had just experienced. I had no money, no family, 19 in the middle of Austin, and my roommate just Tried it. “

Aubrey’s Story:

Sophomore year this crazy bitch wouldn’t clean up her mess in the dorms so we had to get the PA involved and she got so frustrated at all of us.”

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*names changed to protect their privacy

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Are WE The Crazy Roommate?


            As you may have heard from our podcast episode, “The Good, the Bad and the Roommates from Hell,” Kayli and I had some interesting roommate stories. If you have ever lived outside your parent’s house I’m sure you have too. If you’re reading this and thinking about getting a roommate and need some advise I believe I have a few tips:

No Randoms:

If I could go back in time, I would evade having random roomies at all costs. This is way easier said than done and in many cases unavoidable. If for some magical reason you can choose your own living partner, I would. Or just live on your own like the little introvert we know you are.

No Best Friends:

Although tempting, best friends rooming together usually makes for a toxic mess. People who have grown living apart and build their relationship off of this dynamic often find it hard to move into the same living space together. All their little annoying habits could arise and you may find yourself cohabitating with someone you never really knew. My best advice for choosing your roomie is to find someone you are good acquaintances with. This should be someone who you generally get along with but not someone you would miss if you never spoke again.

Be Respectful:

Just because you like to live nasty doesn’t mean everyone else does. Please be aware that others have to use the same space as you and set time aside every week to make sure you do your due diligence in keeping the area clean. If you have your own room feel free to blow it up, we don’t care, just not the community areas cause’ that’s’ just rude.

Hopefully this gave you some insight when stepping into the world of living with others. It’s never easy, but if done right, you can make friends that last a lifetime.



              Do I regret printing off my roommate’s subtweets about me? Do I regret printing off pictures of us, putting trashcans over their faces? Do I regret taping them all over their furniture and their doors? Not necessarily. I know what you’re thinking, “Kayli, that sounds a little extreme my guy.” I know, I know. But I think everyone should experience some level of crazy at least ONCE in their lives to get it out of their system. Roommates can be difficult. Especially if they tell you, the only black roommate, that they were glad to only have one black roommate because more than one would have been just too much. Having experienced living with both randos and friends in college, I do have some advice for you.

Don’t take shit from anyone:

                Literally, don’t take shit from anyone. On the other hand, don’t let these people walk all over you. If they say something or do something that makes you uncomfortable, let them know. It is awful living in a place that you aren’t comfortable in. I know that everyone wants to try to be as nice as possible to their roommates, but sometimes that niceness is just taken advantage of. Don’t let these fools feel like they can get away with bringing a bunny into your dorm and make you get rid of the body when it dies tragically. Stand up for yourself but don’t be rude about it. Being an adult is about compromise, right? So try it! Try to open up the dialogue before things escalate to a screaming match.


To Burn Bridges or to Not Burn Bridges:

I have read plenty of self-help books and they all talk about letting go of the past and being able to forgive everyone who’s ever annoyed you or wronged you. I may or may not have some trouble in this department of forgiveness. If someone has fucked me over and made no attempt to repair the damage, byeeeee! Now with both of my roommate situations, I’m not friends with either one of them. The first one, I do not regret whatsoever. I will never enjoy the presence of someone who speaks to me the way she did, or talk shit about me to everyone who would listen. The second situation is a little different. I really thought we were friends. We would hang out all of the time, watch shows together, go out together. It was fun! I do wish that situation would have played out a little differently. If you ever get into a fight with your roommate, who you liked, I would really figure out if the friendship is more important than the argument. That’s your call if you forgive them or not.


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