O Curls, Where Art Thou?

This week, Hayley and Kayli are stepping out of their comfort zones, one baby hair swoop at a time! We found some Instagram curly hairstyles to try out on ourselves and man, what a ride that was! Did we struggle through each hairdo or did we uncover the hottest hairstyle of 2019? Check out the video to find out!

Being naturally curly girls, we tend to get a lot of comments about our hair (mostly unwarranted). On top of dropping some fresh content on our YouTube channel, plz subscribe, we’ve decided to (finger) comb our hair for an opinion of our own! Scroll down to read this week’s blog.




“I bet you wish it was straight!”

No I don’t. If I had a penny for every time I heard this assumption I wouldn’t be struggling as bad as I am now. Growing up, like everyone else with curly hair, was a struggle. And unfortunately for me, YouTube wasn’t as magical as it now and I had little to no help on how to manage my curls. It was all trial and error.

In elementary school I would never wear my hair down for fear of my hair frizzing up and getting out of control. The closest I ever got to wearing it all out was having it in the famous “half-up-half-down” style that we all know and love. It wasn’t until I got to middle school that I began letting all my curls hang free instead of a tight pony tail or bun.

My most horrific memory of my hair was when I used mousse – and nothing else. I walked around middle school with crispy, wet looking curls. It wasn’t until one day I used less of the product and everyone complimented me on my “soft” curls. I never stopped using something so quick in my life. That was when I found leave-in-conditioner and I have never looked back.

Overall I love my curly hair and I would never change it for the world. No matter how many times people tell me to straighten my hair I will never wish I was any different. I know people don’t mean any harm, but continuously hearing people tell you to try looking a certain way it can get annoying. I mean how many straight-haired people are told to go curly? I’ll wait.

We all have different things about us that make us unique. Even though this is the most basic statement it is also the most true. Hold on to what makes you special and you will never feel like you aren’t good enough because you know exactly what separates you from everyone else. My curls always made me feel special and I hope every other curly-haired girl out there feels the same.



My hair and I have been THROUGH it! Being mixed and mostly raised by my white side, my hair caused mass confusion for my family. Throughout elementary school, my hair was styled in four braids with a barrette at the end. I know, a fashion icon. Then middle school came around and so did the perms. I permed my beautiful curls pin-board straight from middle school until high school. I was terrified of my curls! What was I going to do with them? I couldn’t rock the same hairstyle as I did in elementary school, could I?

Senior year of high school, I made a decision. I decided to go to UT, which is a four hour ride back home on a good day. With that being the case, I wasn’t going to be coming home all that often. This meant that when I did come home, I would have to get my hair done which took HOURS! I didn’t want to spend hours of the precious time I had getting my hair done. That’s when I decided to ditch the perm and go natural.

Most of the time when people go from perming their hair for an extended amount of time to their natural hair pattern, they undergo the “Big Chop.” This is cutting off all of the dead chemical hair and letting that fresh new hair grow in. Now, I’m very self-conscious. I feel like a little boy when I have my hair in bun, what the hell was I going to do bald????? So instead of that, I just had two completely different hair textures at once. At the root, my fresh baby curls were peaking through. At the ends were dead, limp slightly-wavy strands. It was rough to say the least.  I didn’t know what to do with my hair, but I’m happy to say that five years later, I still have no idea what to do with my hair!

I have a strange relationship with my hair. I love the color, the shape, the curls, but sometimes I just wish it was straight. It was so much easier to take care of. Now, I’m in a whole other field of learning. Plus, people have a lot to say about my hair and how poorly I’m taking care of it. Like damn! I’m trying! I think having interesting hair makes you more of a target for comments and back-handed compliments. At the end of the day, I’m glad that I decided to go back to my curls. I can’t be terrified of them anymore, there are so many other things to fear. Like disappointing my parents, never accomplishing anything, and the impending apocalypse (most likely zombie related).


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