S2, Ep25: Is Your BFF Actually Your SO?

We’re all hoping to find our one true love, our soulmate, the person that truly completes us. But are we looking in the wrong places for this mystical match? They always say to date your best friend, but maybe we have it all wrong. This week, Hayley and Kayli find a hot take about this very topic. Maybe our SO isn’t someone we’re romantically or sexually involved with. Maybe it can just be a live-in friend. Maybe it’s just someone we vibe with and not fucks with. Who knows! But why stop at soulmates? Hayley and Kayli decided to spread the love and look into all of their relationships. Love from family and friends count too, right?

Resources for the Show:  https://psychnsex.com/non-romantic-love/ https://goodmenproject.com/gender-sexuality/life-partner-is-not-synonymous-with-romantic-partner-jvinc/

Music: http://www.purpleplanet.com

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