The Corona Chronicles, Day: Is Anyone Keeping Count?

Well things have definitely taken a turn. Fingers crossed that things don’t end up like the “Walking Dead” or any of those other apocalyptic shows. In this blog, Hayley and Kayli have taken some time out of their stay-at-home schedules to let you know what’s been going on during this quarantine. Hayley talks about the the bright side to quarantine and Kayli talks a little bit about what it’s like dating a health professional during a pandemic. Take care of yourself and your loved ones during this uncertain time. Stay Pressed, but more importantly, stay safe!

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I am sick and tired of COVID-19. As I’m sure we all are, but especially for the ones who are unemployed; myself included. We have nothing to do to pass the hours but watch TV, check our social medias, and drink. I know, I know, this sounds like a horribletime but it truly is maddening. The same thing everyday, over and over again. Anyone would go insane. Not only to mention the feeling of being purposeless and without any direction with nothing you can do but apply for the few jobs available competing with everyone else struggling (takes deep breath). With this being said, it is important to look on the bright side:

  1. Enjoy spending quality time with friends/family

It may not look like it now but this is the best time to hang out with your loved ones (in person or via technology) and take advantage of the fact you have an unlimited amount of time with no distractions. It’s almost impossible to cancel plans so no excuses. 

  • Learn a new skill/hobby

I know you may have heard those annoying go-getters tell you there is no excuse not to better yourself during this time but in a way it is true. Craft stores will soon be opened as essential businesses (due to the lack of medial masks) leaving open an array of craft and DIY projects for you to master. You can also take this time to learn a new language or write that book you’ve always been talking about. 

  • Beauty

Now is the time to get your skincare in check and buy/order all those products you’ve seen your favorite YouTuber use. With all the time you have you should be able to find the right combinations for clear, glowing skin. It’s also the time for a little DIY haircut and color. Since you’re stuck inside you can experiement in private and if the results are horrendous, no one will know and your hair will grow back in no time. 


You don’t need me to tell you that things are getting scary. Our new reality of masks, gloves and quarantine feels like a nightmare I’ve had before. You know, the one with the zombies? During this time of isolation, people have urged us to stay connected with one another more than ever. At a safe distance, of course. It’s weird to think that not even two months ago, my partner and I were apartment hunting and talking about our future. We were excited to be entering a new stage of our lives together. Now, I’m worried about his safety. When you date a health professional, I think you must come to terms with the fact that they are putting themselves at risk every day. Sure, I wasn’t thinking there would be a pandemic when he first started working at the hospital, but I knew he would be dealing with sick patients. Is it selfish of me to want him to stay home? If he comes over, am I risking everything with a simple hug or a touch of the hand? How does one express affection during a time of quarantine and self-isolation? I didn’t realize how important these little gestures were to me, but I crave them. All I can do is hope that the hospital is doing enough to protect their staff while caring for patients. I know I’m not the only one experiencing this kind of separation from the ones we love. This really sucks. All I can do is hope that things get back to normal soon and I can spend time with the ones I love.

            I don’t want to end things on such a solemn note, so I’ll tell you something funny that happened. Before things shut down, I checked out some books from the library. Now I’ve been watching a lot of booktubers lately and that’s how I get my book recommendations. Basically, if I hear a vague description of a book that sounds interesting to me, I add it to my Goodreads list and take my happy ass to the library. This means, I only go by the word of the booktuber. I don’t read the inside flap about the book because I enjoy jumping in without knowing too much. Now, one of the books I picked up because I thought it was about aliens. To my shock and dismay, the book opens up with a sickness deemed the “Georgia Flu” that ends up wiping out most of the population of the entire planet. Wow, what great timing!! Now, I’m about 200 pages deep and aliens have yet to show up. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will somehow swoop in and save me from completely hating this book. We shall see. I hope that y’all are doing well. I know that this can be a scary and uncertain time for a lot of us. I hope that you can find some hope and light during this time. Just know that we’re all in this together *cue High School Musical. * Hang in there y’all.  

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