Do You Want to Take a Shower with Me?

This week’s post is dedicated to the fans! Instead of reading about how we feel about roommates, we decided to share some snippets from two listener “femails.” These were showcased on our episode Things Get Shitty… alongside different articles talking about crazy ass roommates, which are linked below as well! So sit back and get ready for the tea!

Special thanks to Robert and Aubrey* for sending in their “femails!” If you’re Pressed, send us an email at!

Robert’s Story:

“I stopped, turned to him, and his back was to me. ‘What?’ I said. And he repeated himself and I was like wow okay he really DID just say That. 

He had said ‘Do you want to take a shower with me?’
I could feel my soul lift from my body and attempt to fathom what I had just experienced. I had no money, no family, 19 in the middle of Austin, and my roommate just Tried it. “

Aubrey’s Story:

Sophomore year this crazy bitch wouldn’t clean up her mess in the dorms so we had to get the PA involved and she got so frustrated at all of us.”

Check out Things Get Shitty… for the rest of the stories and more!

*names changed to protect their privacy

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